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Hello and Welcome!

…to the virtual home of the On your Own Podcast! I’m Esther Shemtov, and I'm so glad that you're here <3


On your Own is the podcast for Jewish girls who are living away from home - The one stop shop for young women like you who want to experience real growth, become independent, and take ownership of their life, today.

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Growing up, there were no religious girls my age where I lived, so at 15, I left my cozy home and family in South Africa, and moved to a high school dorm in Israel . The years that followed were the most transformative - and difficult - years of my life. I had to learn how to take care of myself, by myself - navigating brand new friendships, roommates, and total culture shock, to name a few.


As hard as leaving home was for me,  looking back, it was totally worth it. The confidence that came with knowing I could cope, and even thrive, on my own, has stayed with me to this day, and it's a tremendous gift. After 5 years in Israel, I met my now husband (who's Israeli, who would have guessed!?) and we live in Yerushalayim with my two adorable daughters. I teach in Seminaries and am super passionate about working with young women who care about finding the truth, and bettering themselves.


Your years away from home, before you start to build your own family, are some of the most important, exciting and foundational years of your life. But they can also be the most lonely, unpredictable and intimidating.


The goal of this podcast is to create a space geared specifically towards this unique period of your life, a space that is full of empowerment, education and where you don't feel alone.


Each week I bring on a personal role model of mine, or an expert in a particular field, where we discuss the most important lessons that they learned while living on their own, as well as practical tips and tools to help you face the challenges ahead, truly work on yourself, and get the most out of this incredible stage of your life.


I would so love to hear from you - to make sure that this show is addressing your questions, concerns and opinions! You can reach out to me any time at or on Instagram @on_your_own_podcast

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